You read that right:
I'll pay you $2,909 to be my next Millionaire Student. No questions asked... 
There's just about three grand staring right at you. All you have to do is act before the clock on this page strikes zero and follow my simple instructions. 

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Please give me 6 minutes of your time and I'll explain exactly how you could walk away with $2,909. By the time you finish this letter, you'll know everything you need to know to claim your $2,909. 

It's an opportunity that's remained silent and secret until now.
Why I’m Offering You So Much Money Today
I'm Jason Capital — you might know who I am. At 24, I went from scratch to millionaire in only 9 months. Since then, I’ve generated over $40 Million in 5 different industries. 
I was recognized by the White House as a Top 100 Entrepreneur. My advice is now published in Forbes and CNBC online and too many other publications to list here. In the wake of the media’s war on ambition, I wrote a book called Higher Status. It became a best-seller via word of mouth...and it brought two amazing students into my world named Kirby Robbins and Steven Kieth.
Kirby and Steven were my first two Millionaire Students. So I decided to interview them. How did they become millionaires so fast? I never guessed finding interview time with them would be so hard though...

On a Tuesday, my assistant reached out to Kirby and Steven to schedule the interviews. But on that very same Tuesday, Kirby was doing a photo shoot with a Playmate in LA for his new book. And Steven was vacationing with his longtime girlfriend at a swanky bar in South Beach, Miami. I knew I had to get them though. What were they doing to become millionaires that everyone else was missing? So we pushed on and two weeks later, I made them tell me everything…

To my amazement, both Kirby and Steven had purchased the same 4 trainings from me at a cost of $8,200...and in 2018 both of them became my first two millionaire students ever. (My team even calls these same 4 trainings purchased by Kirby and Steven “The Big 4”.)

Now you know I’m on a hunt for more millionaire students...I have a dream that by the time I stop teaching and mentoring...when I call it “quits” and begin my 2nd career as an investor (and ideally as an owner of an NBA team)....I’ll have created 100 millionaire students. I call it my “Millionaire 100 Goal”. 

Imagine that. That’s 100 ambitious people who followed me to learn the High-Income Skills...and became millionaires in the process. I can see myself showcasing their stories around the world, making them famous to my millions of fans, maybe even writing a book about them. I want you involved... I want you to be my next millionaire student.

So when Kirby and Steven revealed they’d both purchased The Big 4 to become millionaires in 2018...I had no choice. I had to get them to you. 

Now on this page I can - and I can pay you $2,909 to try The Big 4 and be my next millionaire student. My dream is now blossoming. Allow me to introduce my Millionaire Student Weapons of Mass Destruction Program…
A Hushed and Private Invitation FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. . . 
The Millionaire Student WMD Program is the most elite inner circle of my 300,000 fans...

It’s simple: You get The Big 4... the same 4 trainings Kirby and Steven relied on… to become millionaires in 2018. So you the best chance at being my next millionaire student this year.

And you get free tickets to my events, intensives, bootcamps and summits I lead around the world every year, for as long as I do them. 

And you get all of that -- for life -- for more than 98% OFF.

What live events am I talking about?

You’ll get free tickets to my High-Status Summit. At the Summit, you’ll connect with over 1,000 like-minded entrepreneurs. And over 20 hand-selected millionaires will take you under their wing for 3 days.

You’ll get free tickets to my High-Income Skill Bootcamps. (This “free access pass” applies to all of my top events, including Capital Copywriting Bootcamp, my Power Speaker Academy and my Sales God Intensive.)

You’ll also get free tickets to my VIP invite-only events on the beach. These private events were held in Bora Bora, Miami and Puerto Rico last year. Wait ‘til you hear where we’re going this year. 

And if you can’t attend one or more of these bonus events, not to worry. We record them all in HD and send them to you right after the event completes. 

There’s also the “World Travel To Profits and Partnership” Program you’ll gain access to. You’ll be paid to travel the world and connect with some of the top business minds while on “vacation”. I’ll tell you more about that in a moment. 

And there's one more benefit to the WMD Program... it’s brand new to the industry… and my entire team is pretty much obsessed with it.

This advantage is called the Legacy Program — but before I tell you more, let me make it perfectly clear why I'm honored to invite you to become a Millionaire Student “Weapons of Mass Destruction” member today. 
We will only ever send this invitation to loyal readers like you. 

There are so few WMD memberships available. We cannot send them to everyone. Only a dedicated reader like you. 

For that reason, I respectfully ask that you do not forward the link of this private page to anyone else. But exactly how few WMD members can we accept?  
** Invitation Limited to the First 1% of Existing Readers **
Only one in a hundred of existing Weekly Intensive members may join... 

If all of our members knocked on the door, 99% of them would have to be turned away! It's not that I’m being snooty or unfair. 

I simply know that part of the power of the WMD Program is having access to strategies 99% of do not. We need to keep it small and “for us”. 

That’s why I picked the 1% limit. I want to fast can I create more millionaires...when only a small group of serious people get hold of the Big 4, as well as intimate access to my mentorship and extensive network year-round.
Exclusive Benefits that 99% of Our Readers Cannot — 
and Will Not — Ever Profit From. 
I must limit the available seats in the WMD Program to 1% of our readership. 

Membership is first come, first served. 

If I do eventually permit more folks into the WMD Program, the price could go up by as much as $2,000. And, that's a BIG "if." 

I may never offer this chance again. My focus is to get more millionaire students here. I want you to be one of them. That’s all I care about.

Your chance to become a member expires when the timer expires on this page. That timer is not a gimmick. 

When the timer hits 0:00:00, this page will shut down and “lock you out” if you try to return a second time. I don’t mean to be mean at all. I’m doing this because the “urgency” will limit membership to only the most decisive members. It will ensure the 1% of readers who become a member will be my kind of student. The kind I can mold into millionaires.

But let’s quickly return to that $2,909 I want to pay you become my next millionaire student... before the clock on this page strikes zero.
How and Why I’ll Pay You $2,909 To Be My Next Millionaire Student If You Join Us Before The Timer Runs Out...
The entire WMD Program costs less than one of the included trainings alone.

That's right — if you sign up for a WMD membership before the timer on this page expires.

You can get The Big 4 trainings. And you can get free tickets to my annual live events all over the world, sometimes in exotic countries. For far less than what you’d pay to get just one of these benefits.

In the first quarter alone, you'll save a whopping $2,909 — that's a nice payment for being ushered into my ultimate private program. (I’ll break down your savings to the exact cent in a moment...) 

You'll benefit from far more than my world-class trainings and sold-out live events, though.  

You'll be first-in-line to "hush-hush" opportunities. Before now, these opportunities were too small to share with a large group.

That's one of the main reasons I’m excited to share this. I want to introduce you to tiny, unknown opportunities. 

Opportunities that I hear whispered by my extensive network of insiders. And breakthroughs that my millionaire friends reveal at private backroom dinners...but only after the server brings out the second bottle of red wine...and their “public guard” is down.

(The chance I'm giving you here can last for longer than a lifetime, as I will show you in one moment.) 

First, I'd like to show you some of the amazing benefits given to WMD members:
You Get “The Big 4” For FREE... For Life...
When you accept this charter invitation before the timer hits zero (on this page)... you will gain lifetime access to the “Big 4” trainings Kirby and Steven purchased for $8,200 in 2018...and used to become millionaires.
The Capital Copywriting Certification:
My $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine... That Can Drive Your Offer To $1,000 A Day (or WAY more) In 90 Days or Sooner.
The first time this $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine was used it launched a $1.5 Billion Dollar online empire…
The second time it created the best-selling VSL in the history of the Internet…
The third time it sold $30 Million Dollars in a 21-minute video…
Will YOUR offer be next?
Copywriting is oxygen for the Internet. Every online business dies without it. Every ad, every pitch, every sales message relies on copy because…copy is the words you’re using to persuade and close. You won’t make more money without better copy period. But nearly every book and resource out there is out-dated….nothing teaches you the words that close prospects in today’s digital, social media world. Until now…
Introducing the $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine…
A lot of people today call me the “King of Copy” but I’m not special or smarter. I use the $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine to drive my sales message and my copy (like the one you’re reading right now)…and that why my products always sell so well (that, along with the several thousand success stories my programs have created). 

NOTE: I am not the creator of the $1.5 Billion-Dollar Copy Engine. There’s a direct-response company with offices in London, Brazil and Baltimore that have perfected this Copy Engine over the last 41 years. Today they generate $1.5 Billion Dollars per year with the Copy Engine. (This company is so powerful with people everywhere, I’m legally unable to even share their name on this page.)

But inside the Capital Copywriting Certification, the copywriting chief from this powerhouse company and myself are going to teach you the complete $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine System A-Z for generating the highest-converting offers on the Internet…

You won’t need to be a good writer or well-known to watch every sales message of yours start making two or three times as much money with the $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine installed into it and your business.
“Nothing worked before my copy got better. My business makes me 6-figures now. I left the cold of New York and am happily living on the beach now.”
Zack Z. San Juan, PR
"I made $5,000 last week. Previously I had never made that much in a month."
Josh C. San Diego, CA
"My webinar made $46,000 last month. It was averaging $15,000 a month before. Every book and course out there on copy is officially second-rate. I’ll never waste my time again. Your $1.5 Billion Dollar Copy Engine is the real deal."
Michael P. New Jersey
The Capital Copywriting Certification was the first training my Millionaire Students Kirby Robbins and Steven Kieth purchased. They pay $1,900 per year for access. As a WMD Member, you pay nothing.
The Power Speaker Academy: 
The ONE Skill $250,000 Blueprint…
What if you could click 3 buttons…and make $21,000? That’s exactly what my first Power Speaking student, Ryan Magin, just did…

Ryan went “live” on a webinar to a tiny audience of less than 100 people…followed my simple Power Speaker instructions…and got paid $21,000! Now it’s your turn to do the same…

Inside the Power Speaker Academy, I’m going to transform you into a Power Speaker with my ONE Skill $250,000 Blueprint…

I call it the ONE Skill $250,000 Blueprint because that’s all it takes. Not 20. Not 10. Not even 5. You’ll only need to learn one high-income skill…called “Power Speaking”… and you could guarantee yourself a $250,000 income online.

You won’t need any special speaking talent to earn this insane income. Power Speakers are made, not born. And I am absolute living-proof Power Speakers of this… Did you know only two people showed up to the first talk I ever gave and one person left early!. I will transform you, that’s my promise. Plus…

You won’t need a big audience. Ryan Magin’s audience was under 100 people and he made $21,000. Based on Ryan’s very typical results, if your audience was only 10 people…you’d still make $2,100 your very first week as a Power Speaker. 

If you have nothing to sell, I’ll work with you to create a great product people actually want to buy. And if you don’t want to your own product, I’ll show you how to sell other people’s products in exchange for a massive commission.

Plus thanks to Mark Zuckerburg, doing a live webinar is easy. 10 years ago, you needed a whole expensive team to set it up. Today you click 3 buttons and you’re ready to Power Speak your way to insane profit windfalls. (I’ll walk you through the 3 “button clicks” inside the Academy too.

The Power Speaker Academy also comes with a preposterous promise: I guarantee you make a minimum of $50,000 on the side as a Power Speaker. How’s that for bold and CONFIDENT? The only other person this confident will be YOU after I get my hands on you inside the Power Speaker Academy…and finally unleash you as a true Power Speaker.
“Personally, I’ve made over $770,000 in 90 minutes as a Power Speaker…as well as $541,000 in 60 minutes and $61,000 in 30 minutes.”
"I used the $250,000 blueprint on my first webinar ever and made $21,400.00… I am speechless."
Ryan M. Tampa, Florida
The Power Speaker Academy was the second training my Millionaire Students Kirby Robbins and Steven Kieth purchased. They pay $1,900 per year for access. As a WMD Member, you pay nothing.
The Sales God Intensive: 
How A Shy Boy TERRIFIED Of Rejection Spent $10 Million On Mansions and Trips To Italy...  Without Getting Rejected Once!
Do you know who the best closers on the planet are? It’s not salespeople, stock traders or even the to sales guru alive! 

Who is it? Doctors. 

Think about it...You go to the doctor’s. You barely know him. Maybe you found him on Yelp. So you call his office to set an appointment. Then you arrive. You wait. Finally they bring you in and seat you in a room. Eventually the doctor arrives. He asks you some questions. Tells you what’s wrong. Writes you a prescription. Then without hesitation, you follow his orders. You go to the drug store. You fill your script. And you pay the fee...both to the drug store and the doctor. 

Another day, another SALE for the doctor. In fact, that doctor on average will have 18 “patients” that day. And he’ll close over 90%. Imagine what a 90% close rate could do for your business… but that’s not even the best part. You ready? Here it is: Not one of these “patients” ever realizes they’re being sold. And that is the ULTIMATE SECRET of a true Sales God…

I am not a sales expert. I don’t want to be a sales expert. Because your typical sales expert will close 50-60% of the prospects he talks to. I am a Sales God. And a Sales God, like a doctor, closes 90% of the prospects he talks to. What if you closed 90% of the people you talked to?

And what if there was no rejection? No chasing prospects? No high-pressure sales pitch? Sales Gods don’t deal with any of that crap. And inside my Sales God Intensive, I’m going to turn you into a Sales God using my patented “6 Little Boxes” Blueprint. (This is the same process I went through...I used to be terrified of I’ve spent over $10 million living a life of first-class freedom and cannot wait to flip the Sales God switch in you too.)

Imagine that... YOU...a living, breathing, closing, charismatic, unstoppable, millionaire Sales God who never gets rejected and has people crawling up hills and mountains just to buy from him. That’s how it is for me. Are you finally ready for that in your business? Yes? Good because…

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you’re selling. As a Sales God, you could earn as much as $95,000 a month or more...
“Jason, I averaged exactly $96,000 a month in income this year. I didn’t make 96 grand all of last year.”
Kirby R. Spokane, Washington
"I made $40,000 my first month. That’s more than I made all of last year. I’m buying a new Corvette. Cheers."
Sean Ferres, Brisbane, Australia
"I made $49,000 this month. Do you think I can hit $5,000,000 next year?"
Shawn H. Boudler, Colorado
The Sales God Intensive was the 3rd training my Millionaire Students Kirby Robbins and Steven Kieth purchased. They pay $2,500 per year for access. As a WMD Member, you pay nothing.
Email Income Experts: 
The Simplest Way To Make 6-Figures From The Beach
(Or Wherever You’d Like)...
I introduced my Email Income Experts System exactly one year ago. And in that one year, it’s helped over 51 people replace rat-race life with laptop life!

These “6-figure case studies” no longer have (or need) a job. They wake up when they want, do what they want, work when they want. No one tells them what to do anymore. And they’re living a true laptop lifestyle. (I can’t help but smile when I see them posting pictures from the pool on a Tuesday afternoon while their “wage slave” friends are locked indoors at a desk-job.)

My Email Income Experts System will show you my simple step-by-step system for generating a 6-figure side income in less than in 90 days using email marketing. You don’t need experience. You don’t need a degree. You won’t even need more than 6 weeks of training because email is the easiest High-Income Skill in the world to learn. Go through my Email Income Experts training and you will walk out with a High-Income Skill that I personally guarantee can make you 6-figures from your laptop for the rest of your life. 

Just look at at a tiny sample of the money my Email Income students are producing…
The Email Income Experts System was the 4th training my Millionaire Students Kirby Robbins and Steven Kieth purchased. They pay $1,900 per year for access. As a WMD Member, you pay nothing.
The Millionaire Student Focus List:  Exclusively for WMD Members
We've created something solely for WMD members that may be the most valuable benefit we've discussed yet... it's called the Millionaire Student Focus List. 

As you can see, I publish a ton of strategies and ideas that generate huge incomes for my students. And you can see we focus on High-Income Skills instead of “here today, gone tomorrow gimmicks”. These are the skills that can make you set for life.

You might be wondering: "This could end up being too many skills and strategies. If I don’t want to go with all of them, how would I pick the best ones?”

I realize it may be difficult to thoroughly go over and familiarize yourself with every single recommendation I offer you. 

That's why I’ll be hand selecting a small portion of our recommended “profit plays” and adding them to the Millionaire Student Focus List.

This portfolio will never have more than 15 recommendations in it at one time, so it will be a breeze to use and understand. 

The Focus List's recommendations will come from across all of my trainings and research, direct from the me to you.

Here's how it works: Once per quarter, I will personally do a deep-dive into my own businesses to uncover the “engines” driving profits to me faster than anything else.

I’ll then do a deep-dive into the businesses of my most successful students and uncover the same “engines” in their business.

Finally, I’ll distill these absolute best “profit-engines” working right now and push them onto your Millionaire Student Focus List. I’ll essentially manage a unique, world-class portfolio of the best strategies and skills turning the highest-profits right now for a small group of elite WMD members.

That's pretty remarkable, don't you think? 

We've conservatively valued this unique benefit at $995 per year. As a WMD member, you get the Focus Lists for free for life.
The Legacy Program. . . and Your Free “Enduring Wealth Library"
I’m not content to “merely” publish the most independent - and highly profitable - trainings and High-Income Skills for millionaires and aspiring millionaires.

I’ve decided to jump right into the unknown world of reverse-engineering the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs…

I held an international search for the top earners in every major online and offline field….the people who don’t post on Instagram and don’t want to be on podcasts... and then I paid them for privileged access...studied them up-close….and unified their skills in a way that could work together, offering WMD members direct training access to the High-Income Skills of these top earners as if you were their virtual private client. 

We call these unpublished discoveries the Millionaire DNA System and 77 Ways To Make More Money Than A Millionaire.

As a WMD member, you’re entitled to copies of these programs and the stunning insights our research turned up. And you have access to these for life FREE of charge. 

You may also know of my best-selling book Higher Status. Copies can be purchased on Amazon for $20. But WMD members will receive a free copy of Higher Status signed by me. (There are less than 600 copies worldwide with my signature. This could turn out to be a valuable collector’s piece.) All you do is give us a call or email and we’ll FedEx you a signed copy.

I call this series of books and private recordings the "Enduring Wealth Library." 

And there's one other special addition to this series. 

Many of my students lose time and energy fighting with their girlfriend or boyfriend about their goals and dreams. Either your partner doesn’t believe in you or they don’t understand you. Both scenarios stink. As a WMD member, I’ve authorized you to receive the release of a “behind closed doors” recording of me and my longtime girlfriend Nataly called “The Millionaire Partnership”. 

In this authorized release, you’ll hear Nataly sharing all the trials and tribulations she’s experienced dating a guy like me. You’ll hear as she reveals all the lessons she learned about what it takes to support a truly ambitious man. 

The fact is, you spend more time with your partner than anyone else on this planet. If they’re not “on board”, you’re screwed. It only takes one flat tire to stop an entire bus. So I suggest you watch The Millionaire Partnership with your significant other so they can see what’s possible for you if they truly “get on board” with your mission in life too.

And, as my research team and I thought about the benefits to your partner the Millionaire Partnership can bestow, we came up with what could be the most powerful benefit to your WMD Membership — the Millionaire Student Legacy Program...

Just Announced!
You Can Pass Your WMD Membership on to Any Family Member of Your Choice!
As my editing team put the last round of updates into the Millionaire Partnership program a flash of brilliance struck someone — "Hey, if we're trying to help their family...and even their future family build a life of wealth and affluence with Millionaire Partnership, shouldn't we allow our WMD members to pass on their WMD member status on to their children?" 

We all agreed that it was a great idea. 

So we instituted the Millionaire Student Legacy Program, which allows a WMD member to pass membership over to a family member. 

Of course, that family member is entitled to free receipt of every single WMD training, report, newsletter, conference, bootcamp, book and special intensive that the WMD ever publishes... 

But there's plenty more to the WMD membership benefits than all of the trainings, events, bootcamps, recordings, Enduring Wealth Library and Legacy Program. 

In fact, we've come to what may be my personal favorite part of the Millionaire Student WMD Program... 
Only for Reserve Members:
Free Lifetime Enrollment in the Jason Capital “World Travel to Profits and Partnerships” Program
I get that some of my millionaire students and 6-figure case studies want to do more with their time than steadily and aggressively grow their wealth. 

My goal isn’t just to make you wealthy financially... but wealthy in your relationships, your health and your lifestyle. 

It required a lot of travel on my part to track down the world’s best in all of these categories And very quickly I developed a love for travel itself...

So, when we came together and created the Millionaire Student Program, we wanted to share the value that international (and domestic) travel has, for its own sake... 

Let me quickly explain...
Here’s Your Ever-Renewed and 100% Free Ticket to the Annual World Leaders Global Summit
There’s no way you would know that the annual World Leaders Global Summit takes place each year on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico…because it’s unpublicized. No tickets are ever sold, they cannot be purchased. You attend via invitation-only and what’s discussed there is encouraged to stay confidential.

That said, it's always an amazing time, held at a private 5-star hotel located in the lush and gorgeous Dorado area, surrounded by palm trees and the world’s best beaches…

The World Leaders Global Summit is a comfortable, intimate multiday conference where many top entrepreneurs and investors give speeches and workshops on their most-proprietary profit-plays and leadership strategies. 

In addition, we have many breakout sessions for speakers and attendees to discuss high-level ideas and create a brain-trust network with some of the world’s top producers in their field… You’ll rub shoulders with business leaders of the highest level. 

In the past we've welcomed Dan Pena, Bedros Keuilian, Joel Marion and Elliott Hulse. 

The Global Summit generally costs $1899 per year. But, as a WMD member, you get "always Free, always VIP" access to our #1 private event of the year.

Please keep reading though: that's not the final benefit bundled into your free lifetime enrollment in the Jason Capital Millionaire Student’s “World Travel to Profits and Partnerships” Program... 

The highest potential, under-the-radar investment opportunity I can offer you could be this one:
Only For Millionaire Student Members: Your Red Carpet Access To Invest With Me, Do Deals Together Or Possibly Even Get Published As An Expert By Jason Capital…
They say when you become a millionaire, you become a magnet. For power. For connections and friendships with high-status people and leaders. And for investment opportunities that even most “high-earners” never hear about it…

Everyday, I’m asked to invest in someone’s idea. Or hear from a client who wants to know how I invest.

It’s unsafe for me to share my investment strategies publicly. Because I know people would just copy me without understanding why I’m choosing to do that. But as a WMD Member, I’ll have the time to walk you through my investment strategies…

You’ll know where I’m putting my capital and giving my money the best chance to multiply on its own. You should know, my investing mentor is Warren Buffet. That means I’m a value-based investor, so you won’t see me chasing any fads or jumping on bandwagons. My #1 investing rule is don’t lose the money. So I invest in things that are risk-averse and stand to multiply many times over given enough time. 

But there’s one more benefit bundled into your free lifetime enrollment in the Jason Capital Millionaire Student’s “World Travel to Profits and Partnerships” Program that some would kill for…
WMD Members Only: Get Published (and Paid) As An Expert By My Masterful Publishing Team…
Have you ever imagined being an expert? What if people looked up to you? What if you had thousands or even millions of adoring fans who loved you? What if you were changing lives with your expertise?

Oodles of people aim to be experts online today. But it’s become almost impossible to break into an industry today. There’s more competition than ever, and it costs thousands of dollars just to test an idea. Plus, think about the huge learning curve of scaling an offer or doing paid ads to get more traffic. That’s why this benefit is destined to be life-changing for more than one WMD Member…

I’m looking to publish a few WMD members as experts. If you’re chosen, my 15-person team will manage the entire process for you. If selected, your work will be published and my team will create the marketing and funnels for you. You’ll have fans...customers...power... and most of all, respect. You’ll be seen on the same “online stage” as me and my network of experts. And you’ll be a part of a team that is changing the one world, one ambitious soul at a time.

For now, the only pool of people I’ll be choosing from for this dazzling opportunity will be WDM members...
The total yearly value of Enrollment in the Jason Capital Millionaire Student’s “World Travel to Profits and Partnerships” Program: at least: $1,690 per year. 
Your Benefits Added Up: 
Save at Least $125,700
Lifetime access to the Capital Copywriting Certification program
$2,050.00 Value
Lifetime access to the Power Speaker Academy Program and Training
$2,050.00 Value
Lifetime access to the Email Income Experts Certification program
$2,050.00 Value
Lifetime access to the Enduring Wealth Library and signed Higher Status book
$990.00 Value
The right to pass your lifetime membership to a member of your family
Value: Priceless
Lifetime receipt of the Millionaire Student Focus List
$1,490.00 Value
Lifetime free enrollment in the "World Travel to Profits and Partnership" Program
$1,890.00 Value
So, as you can see, the total measurable yearly value of a WMD membership is $12,570. 

And that yearly value will increase at a steady rate as we install updates and new breakthroughs into the Millionaire Student trainings every quarter to keep you way ahead of the game.

That means... five years of WMD benefits is conservatively valued at $62,850... and a full decade of being the highest-earner in your field, along with the status that comes with it is worth $125,700 at the very least. 

That's why you might think I'm crazy to offer the WMD Program for a one-time $10,000 price for a lifetime of membership. 

That's a savings of $2,570 in the first year alone... and you receive almost everything I teach or publish free for life! 

Over the next decade, you'll save a whopping $115,700... but wait — because I'm not going to charge anywhere near $10,000 for you to join the WMD Program.

$10,000 Only $597 Today!

Why You Must Act Before The Clock Strikes Zero On This Page
To get as many future Millionaire Students in here as fast as possible, I decided to slash the price another 72% to only $597.

And you can pay in 3 installments if you’d like.

That's an incredible 72% OFF for a lifetime of skills, support and gains. Please remember, though, that membership is strictly limited. 

After the timer hits “ZERO”, you may never see this $597 price again. In fact, you may never see another WMD membership at any price. If we offer WMD membership invitations again — and that's a pretty big "if" — the price could be $4,000 or higher. (The price may even go higher than that, depending upon how many new Millionaire Students the program creates...) 

So, be my next millionaire student and accept this $597 invitation, to make absolutely sure you can take advantage of the unique benefits reserved solely for WMD members. 

After all, when we hit our 1%, we're going to carefully study how WMD members take advantage of the private trainings, mentorship and live events open only to them.

If we see that the WMD’s private benefits creates 6-figure students and millionaire students as effectively as I believe it will, we will be forced to close the doors forever to the WMD Program and make it application-only, followed by a lengthy 3-month interview process.

By taking action and grabbing your spot inside with us today which I strongly recommend, you won’t have to jump through the hoops others will. 

And here's why you won't have a doubt about joining the WMD Program before the clock on this page strikes zero and this page locks shut:
Your Complete “Satisfied and Wealthy” Guarantee:
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Since the WMD Program is the most uniquely beneficial service that I have ever unveiled, it also has the most unwavering guarantee possible. 

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